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Gojira's Kids by Kaijufan113
Gojira's Kids
SugarBeasts-07 Bree2002 

Godzilla Junior 

- Age: 16
- Hair Color: blue and dark blue
- Eye Color: orange
- Height: 5 ft 6 in

On a rainy Saturday night, Goji was hanging out with his younger sister, Biollante, wrestling over the TV remote until Goji's doorbell rang. When they open it, they saw no one but a basket with a baby boy, no older than 1 week and note on the ground. The note said raise the baby well. Goji and Biollante didn't know who sent Goji the baby and didn't knew what to do but take him in. Years pass as the boy grows up and Goji started to feel fond of the boy. So, Goji adopted the young boy as his son and named him Godzilla Junior. Junior was a natural-born fighter and trained in martial arts, boxing, and judo under Goji's traning. Not only is he strong, but also clever, outsmarting his opponents. However, when training with his foster father, he would try to outsmart his father but Goji is quick enough to not fall for his tricks, making Junior always lose a fight to Goji (100 losses, 0 wins). His goals is to surpass Goji and make sure no one stops him, except the only thing that did stop him was Aunt Biollante. She would keep treating him as if he was still a baby since she also found him as a defenseless baby at the front door. Besides his aunt, he can be a good guy, helping others, even if its simple like holding the door open. He attends to Monster Island High School and is one of the 2 best students, the other being the bully Destoroyah, who is both strong and smart like Junior. They would always compete against each other to take the top and be the best. One day, Junior and Destoroyah were fighting, but Destoroyah cheated by bringing a knife to their fist fight. Junior was able to beat him, but was left with a slash on his chest. Surprisingly, he's likes it and use it as a symbol, a battle mark.

- Age: 10
- Hair Color: dark blue
- Eye Color: brown
- Height: 4 ft 5 in

While walking home from his company's work, Goji found a gang called Kamacuras beating up a little kid. He fought them off and helped the child. The kid's parents died when he was young and forced to survive on his own. The kid's name was Minilla and Goji took the kid in, raising him with his other adopted son, Junior. Unlike Junior, Minilla is a coward and always runs away from a fight, forcing Goji to train him to be tough. Whenever Goji doesn't have time to train Minilla, Junior is in charge to train him, but always runs away from his older brother and hide under the bed while Junior drags him and tries really hard to train him without Minilla running away. 

- Age: 7
- Hair Color: red and blue
- Eye Color: red
- Height: 4 ft

The daughter of Gojira and Femuto. Unlike her 2 older brothers, she's not adopted, but the biological offspring of Goji. She has the hair colors of both her parents, red from Femuto and blue from Goji. She likes to fight Junior, however, she would always charge at him and he would just grab her face and push her away. Whenever not fighting with Junior, she would call Minilla a coward. She likes to wear her father's old vest (when Goji was putting his vest in laundry, it shrunk and decided to give it to Gozmo since it fits her) and NEVER leaves without it since she likes to wear it and her style. She likes to pull pranks on people since she finds humor n it. She would normally do it on Junior because whenever she tries to pull a prank on him, Junior would always outsmart her and make her fall in her own prank and get the last laugh. She will never stop, she's that determined to prank him at least once. 
Sorry I havent been posting latetly, me and a friend of mine named Makayla were in this "Prank War." We been doing pranks on each other for 2 weeks from April 26, 2016 to May 4, 2016. The last 2 were just bonuses from my 2 friends, Cade and Garner, who heard about the Prank War and asked me to prank them to see how good my pranks were and when they were pranked, they were good sports about it and admitted that my pranks on them were good (even though I thought it was lame) and yeah.

Glenn Jones Middle School (JMS) Prank War 

Randy (Me) VS Makayla (My Friend)


- Randy: 4 pranks
- Makayla: 2 pranks

* Tuesday, 4/26/2016:

Silent Lunch For You -
   Asked Ms. Hall (Science Teacher) to write fake silent lunch on sticky note during 4th period and she agreed. When given at Connection A, Makayla at first believed it but then saw through it. So she gave gum wrapper as a revenge for pranking her, so I plan on a re-revenge prank.

* Thursday, 4/28/2016:

No Talking Or Its A Citation -
    (NOTE: I was in the room across the hall, I had to ask other students and Dr. Cooper to describe what happened when this prank took place). For my re-revenge plan for the fake gum wrapper, I asked Dr. Cooper (Language Arts Teacher) in the morning and she agreed. During 4th period, Makayla was talking to her friend the entire time when we were suppose to read a book. At the end of 4th period, Dr. Cooper gave Makayla the citation (its kinda like detention if you don't know what it is), and she cried, believing it since she was talking instead of reading. Dr. Cooper was laughing when she gave Makayla the citation, but hugged her when she was crying, like a lot. After getting hugged by Dr. Cooper, Makayla moved citation and saw my sticky note (Jokes on you) and my signature, Makayla stood up, yelled "WHERE'S ANDY??!!" while crying, laughing, and being angry at the same time. She ran out of door across hall and (NOTE: This is when I realized the prank just happened) entered the room yelling "ANDY!! I'M GONNA GET YOU BACK!!" Everyone in the room and Ms. Hall looked at her then towards me with confused faces. I was confused at first but then realized my prank went successfully. She was running towards me with her hands in front of her ready to choke me. I was laughing really hard while running across the room since she was right behind me. I was able to escape unharmed, but when she each other again since we had Connection A together, she would give me a death stare and grin while I would look at her and laugh nervously. We avoid talking to each other that day and would look at each other awkwardly from time to time to see if one of us are scheming a plan for a prank, turns out both of us were scheming but neither of us notice each other.
   The day after that, I went to Dr. Cooper and asked what happened and she told me the entire thing while me and a couple of friends, who was on Team Andy, were laughing our guts out. That's when she with her team entered the room to make sure i wasn't planning another prank, but just watch us laugh when Dr. Cooper describe the story and Makayla would either smile or cringe from every detail and give me a death stare.

* Friday, 4/29/2015:

You Have Missing Work -
   At the beginning of Connection A, I asked Mr. Varner (Guitar Teacher) to help prank Makayla by giving him sticky note (HAHAHA!! Look who's laughing now). Later he asked her to come in his office where I couldn't hear anything since I was on the other side of the class with some friends who were also on the prank until she came out of his office shouting "OH MY GOD ANDY!! THATS THE 3rd TIME THIS WEEK!!" with the sticky note in her hand. Me, Mr. Varner, my friends, and other students all laughed, even Makayla. After that prank, she was on full revenge mode while I waited for it, being ready for the payback prank while coming up with more pranks against her, but she got me back at the most unexpected day I thought it would never happen.

* Monday, 5/2/2016:

Revenge of the Makayla -
   At the end of 3rd period, the front office called for check out and i packed up. When I got there, I didn't see anyone until the front office lady gave me the note saying "Lol, finally got you back Andy." After I read it, i was on my knees laughing really hard, then ran ALL the way back to Mr. Ivester's (Math Teacher) classroom. When I got in the room, I grabbed and shake Makayla while yelling at her "THAT WAS MY IDEA!! YOU STOLE MY IDEA!!" Everyone was laughing, including me but with rage. When I let her go, I was pulling my hair while laughing really hard from the rage and funniness. People said I was going crazy and looked like this Image result for the killing joke except I didn't turn into a crazy killing psychopath.... ok, maybe I did go crazy, but not a killing psychopath. Anyway, after that experience, I planned my re-re-revenge prank plan. 
   The thing was, my dad would've normally texted me to let me know why I'm getting checked out, but he was sick on that day and said something about taking me home early when he dropped me off at school, so I actually believed the fake check out. If my dad wasn't sick, I would've been suspicious about the check out but it was a coincidence, so she got lucky. To be honest, she pranked me pretty good at the right time. That was the most unexpected prank I wouldn't see coming on the day my dad was sick.
  Also, when I yelled "YOU STOLE MY IDEA!!" some classmates made fun of me by saying it in an accent because people say that I'm a meme since everything I do and became memes (I don't know how or why), but I just laugh it off whenever they do that

* Wednesday, 5/4/2016:

Execute Order 68 -
   At the beginning of Connection A, I asked Mr. Varner to help me with Order 68 (cheap reference to Star Wars Order 66) fake 78 on playing test and he agreed. Later, he called Makayla to play the test and gave her the 78, but she saw through it and said "Is this Andy?" He told her yes and she didn't say anything but walked out with a smile and chuckle. When Makayla said we weren't friends anymore, Chase (our friend) told me to make up for Makayla and I asked her for a truce. I raised my hand to shake but she didn't shake, is the JMS Prank War really over and there is a truce?

* Thursday. 5/5/2016:

The War Is Over -
   When the bell rung at the end of the day, I met Makayla at the bus lane and asked if the Prank War was over. She said yes and I won. Apparently I won and I'm "The Prankster of the Glenn Jones Middle School."


Bonus Pranks

* Thursday, 5/5/2016:

   In the morning, I went to Mr. Ivestor and he agreed to help me with a prank for a friend name Cade. After lunch, he called Cade up to his desk and told him he had a NTI. He then gave the note to Cade, and he was a good sport about it since he asked to prank him. Then, Garner asked me to prank him too tomorrow and i agreed. 

* Friday, 5/6/2016:

Citation for you -
   During homeroom, I asked Ms. Hall to help me prank Garner with a fake citation. Later that day during 4th period, Ms. Hall called Garner up and he walked towards her. She tells him that he has a citation, but when he says why, she gave up the reason why and just gave him my signature and he just walked towards me laughing.

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